Listen to customer feedbacks, learn about Solutionz B2B Marketing from them.

Customer Feedback


“We trust Solutionz B2B Marketing and their knowledge in terms of digital marketing. They are fast and agile at the same time, they have full content and the right strategies. We value our customers very much. The harder it is to win them, the easier it is to lose them, we know that. At this point, we encountered an agency approaching us for the first time as we approach our customers.”

BIS Çözüm Corporate Applications /
Assistant General Manager

“We have just started working with Solutionz B2B Marketing, but we are getting very good returns. Our awareness began to increase. Wherever we go, they must have heard of our advertisement or product. I think digital marketing studies are very useful. I would like to thank Solutionz B2B Marketing for encouraging us in this regard and providing the opportunity to make such a promotion.”

Aslı DAL
İba Kimya /
R&D Assistant General Manager

“When we were going to open a new market, Mr. Gökhan directed our work in these markets and Solutionz B2B Marketing created an opportunity to reach customers that we could not reach in a conventional way in the digital environment, establish relationships, develop our relations and turn them into sales. We are now in the era of digitization. The advice I can give especially to companies whose targets are export and globalization is that such studies are extremely important. You can work with Mr. Gökhan and his company Solutionz B2B Marketing with peace of mind.”

KMC Group /
Global Business Development Specialist

“The biggest factor in our preference for Solutionz B2B Marketing was their experience and knowledge in B2B. The entire Solutionz B2B Marketing team works like the marketing team of our company. They analyze our needs well and act accordingly. They analyze the results of the study and do not hesitate to change their strategy when necessary. During the time we started working, we have caught one hundred and thirty sales opportunities. If you want to work with a sincere and accountable team, we definitely recommend Solutionz B2B Marketing.”

General Manager

“Solutionz B2B Marketing is a hardworking, dynamic, modern and innovative company. In fact, it has become a company that can change our perspective on certain standards. Therefore, we were able to look at ourselves from a different perspective. In this sense, we are very satisfied with them. Thank you. We needed an organization that could understand us very well. In this sense, I believe that we have found the right address by choosing Solutionz B2B Marketing. I think we will continue our work successfully from now on.”


“Most of our customers are abroad. Therefore, we needed a company that could explain us abroad, show it there, and introduce what we do in detail on social media, especially on LinkedIn. For this reason, we met with Solutionz B2B Marketing about three and a half, four years ago. They have been very supportive of us in every way. After we started working, we have achieved a significant increase in the number of our customers, especially our foreign customers. First of all, I would like to thank them.”

Ercan Yiğit ÖZGÜN
QCTurk /
General Manager

“We have received and continue to receive very positive feedback from our customers. It is obviously very valuable for us to have the wind of such an agency behind us in our progress in the sector and the market with more effective and more confident steps. I recommend Solutionz B2B Marketing, especially to companies like us that serve the health and engineering sectors. Thank you very much for the value they add to us.”

Managing Partner

“Solutionz B2B Marketing has helped us a lot by setting goals with a long-term project, supporting them with advertising activities and producing content. After starting to work with Solutionz B2B Marketing, the feedback has always been positive, the number of participants in our trainings has increased and this increase continues. We are very pleased to work with Solutionz B2B Marketing and we hope to work together for many years.”

Quality and Training Manager

“With Solutionz B2B Marketing, we are in a team-team relationship rather than a company-agency relationship. The digital marketing process and brand awareness are very important to us, as we will develop our products in-house and add new products to our structure. We want to make our product a well-known brand in the industry. At this point, Mr. Gökhan and Solutionz B2B Marketing team support us to the end in the digital marketing process and increasing brand awareness. We are very happy and enjoy working together.”

BIS Çözüm Corporate Applications /
Corporate communication manager

“Our main goal was to increase the awareness of our brand and to increase the visibility of the company in the eyes of customers. And we achieved success with Solutionz B2B Marketing in this regard. They have given us great support in the execution of digital marketing processes. We had a difficult time due to the pandemic coinciding with our opening process abroad, but even in this difficult period, we had the opportunity to progress thanks to the support of Solutionz B2B Marketing.“

Hüseyin VAROL
OM Process /

“We needed to create awareness and recognition. I conveyed our needs to the Solutionz B2B Marketing team and Mr. Gökhan. They also came back to us by making an eleven-month strategy plan. The plan got me very excited. Thanks to the advertisements, we started to receive customer returns, which I liked very much and showed that we are on the right path. I think the process we worked together was a very good one. I easily say to my friends around me that “we are working with Solutionz B2B Marketing, I would recommend it to you”. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Gökhan and his team.”

Atlas Robotics /
Operations Manager