“We needed an organization that could understand us very well. In this sense, I believe we found the right address by choosing Solutionz B2B Marketing.” Özgür AKÇAM

GSI SLV-TR / Co-Founder

GSI SLV TR Raised Awareness.

“Solutionz B2B Marketing is a hardworking, dynamic, modern and innovative company. In fact, it has become a company that can change our perspective on certain standards. Therefore, we were able to look at ourselves from a different perspective. In this sense, we are very satisfied with them. Thank you. We needed an organization that could understand us very well. In this sense, I believe that we have found the right address by choosing Solutionz B2B Marketing. I think we will continue our work successfully from now on.”

Diğer Müşteri Görüşleri


“When we were going to open a new market, Mr. Gökhan directed our work in these markets and Solutionz B2B Marketing created an opportunity to reach customers that we could not reach in a conventional way in the digital environment, establish relationships, develop our relations and turn them into sales. We are now in the era of digitization. The advice I can give especially to companies whose targets are export and globalization is that such studies are extremely important. You can work with Mr. Gökhan and his company Solutionz B2B Marketing with peace of mind.”

KMC Group
Global Business Development Specialist

“We trust Solutionz B2B Marketing and their knowledge in terms of digital marketing. They are fast and agile at the same time, they have full content and the right strategies. We value our customers very much. The harder it is to win them, the easier it is to lose them, we know that. At this point, we encountered an agency approaching us for the first time as we approach our customers.”

BİS Çözüm Corporate Applications /
Assistant General Manager

“With Solutionz B2B Marketing, we are in a team-team relationship rather than a company-agency relationship. The digital marketing process and brand awareness are very important to us, as we will develop our products in-house and add new products to our structure. We want to make our product a well-known brand in the industry. At this point, Mr. Gökhan and Solutionz B2B Marketing team support us to the end in the digital marketing process and increasing brand awareness. We are very happy and enjoy working together.”

BİS Çözüm Corporate Applications /
Corporate communication manager