“Our main goal was to increase the awareness of our brand and increase the visibility of the company before our business. In this regard, we crossed paths with Solutionz B2B Marketing.” Hüseyin VAROL

OM Process / Co-Founder

OM Process Reaches Potential Customers Worldwide.

“Our main goal was to increase the awareness of our brand and to increase the visibility of the company in the eyes of customers. And we achieved success with Solutionz B2B Marketing in this regard. They have given us great support in the execution of digital marketing processes. We had a difficult time due to the pandemic coinciding with our opening process abroad, but even in this difficult period, we had the opportunity to progress thanks to the support of Solutionz B2B Marketing.“

Other Customer Feedback


“When we were going to open a new market, Mr. Gökhan directed our work in these markets and Solutionz B2B Marketing created an opportunity to reach customers that we could not reach in a conventional way in the digital environment, establish relationships, develop our relations and turn them into sales. We are now in the era of digitization. The advice I can give especially to companies whose targets are export and globalization is that such studies are extremely important. You can work with Mr. Gökhan and his company Solutionz B2B Marketing with peace of mind.”

KMC Group
Global Business Development Specialist

“We have received and continue to receive very positive feedback from our customers. It is obviously very valuable for us to have the wind of such an agency behind us in our progress in the sector and the market with more effective and more confident steps. I recommend Solutionz B2B Marketing, especially to companies like us that serve the health and engineering sectors. Thank you very much for the value they add to us.”

Managing Partner

“We trust Solutionz B2B Marketing and their knowledge in terms of digital marketing. They are fast and agile at the same time, they have full content and the right strategies. We value our customers very much. The harder it is to win them, the easier it is to lose them, we know that. At this point, we encountered an agency approaching us for the first time as we approach our customers.”

BIS Çözüm Corporate Applications
Assistant General Manager