"They really supported us in every aspect. After we started working, we achieved a significant increase in the number of our customers, especially our foreign customers" Yiğit ÖZGÜN

QCTurk / General Manager

QCTurk Increased Its Brand Awareness Abroad and Reached Its Potential Customers.

“Most of our customers are abroad. Therefore, we needed a company that could explain us abroad, show it there, and introduce what we do in detail on social media, especially on LinkedIn. For this reason, we met with Solutionz B2B Marketing about three and a half, four years ago. They have been very supportive of us in every way. After we started working, we have achieved a significant increase in the number of our customers, especially our foreign customers. First of all, I would like to thank them.”

Other Customer Feedback


“Our main goal was to increase the awareness of our brand and to increase the visibility of the company in the eyes of customers. And we achieved success with Solutionz B2B Marketing in this regard. They have given us great support in the execution of digital marketing processes. We had a difficult time due to the pandemic coinciding with our opening process abroad, but even in this difficult period, we had the opportunity to progress thanks to the support of Solutionz B2B Marketing.“

Hüseyin VAROL
OM Process

“We have just started working with Solutionz B2B Marketing, but we are getting very good returns. Our awareness began to increase. Wherever we go, they must have heard of our advertisement or product. I think digital marketing studies are very useful. I would like to thank Solutionz B2B Marketing for encouraging us in this regard and providing the opportunity to make such a promotion.”

Aslı DAL
İBA Kimya
R&D Assistant General Manager

“The biggest factor in our preference for Solutionz B2B Marketing was their experience and knowledge in B2B. The entire Solutionz B2B Marketing team works like the marketing team of our company. They analyze our needs well and act accordingly. They analyze the results of the study and do not hesitate to change their strategy when necessary. During the time we started working, we have caught one hundred and thirty sales opportunities. If you want to work with a sincere and accountable team, we definitely recommend Solutionz B2B Marketing.”

General Manager